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Contests :3

Well, I haven't won many, but here they are <3

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Damn you! Not many? I think that is a quite few awards you have there, girl! I looked at your music, saw Aladdin's soundtrack, and simply had to comment. Add me to your friends, maybe? Also, I wanted to join your community, but wasn't able to. Fix it?
o__O; I just noticed your comment! I'm terribly sorry, I never got the email notification!

Heh, thank you though. It's tiny compared to what other more skilled iconists can do. I'd love to add you as a friend, I just delered all my entries today though, so it's up to you. :3
*evil laugh* i found ur LJ! after i totally 4got it lol dont ask how long story
O____o; Alrighty Mikey. . .
Oi, don't mind this. Things like that happen.

But, hell, of course I *want* you as my friend, and I do hope you are going to write in here - MORE. More! :]
omgosh! Your icon made me giggle! :D

Woohoo, thank you! I promise not to be so lazy and actually post more often. ;)