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--[A New Beginning]-- [entries|friends|calendar]

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-cough- Got some swiffer? []
My goodness, haven't used this journal in quite a while - it's in desperate need of a good dusting and overhaul.
Heh. I'd make some sort of grand speech about updating frequently but then I know myself to well to promise much of anything these days.
I'm totes reliable, I swear~! -grimaces-

Self-deprecation aside, I really do need to work on my lurking tendencies
- life is far too short to be shy even on the interwebs~
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Contests :3 []
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well, I haven't won many, but here they are <3

Time is like a river. . Collapse )

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From here on forth, I declare this journal. . . []
[ mood | energetic ]

Don't worry, I'm not mean. Just comment to be added, mmkay? X3
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