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--[A New Beginning]--

_free all shadows from your heart_

Fanlistings I run. . . .

Prince of Persia


Jak and Daxter

Beyond Good & Evil
alternate pairings, anime, assassin's creed, avatar: the last airbender, beyond good & evil, cillian murphy, clock tower 3, cosplay, dante, dante/lady, death note, demento, demonology, devil may cry, devil may cry 2, devil may cry 3, devil may cry 4, dexter, ergo proxy, fanfiction, fanlistings, farah/the prince, fatal frame 2, folklore, folksoul, full metal alchemist, gaia online, game music, god of war, gokusen, harry potter, haunting ground, heavenly sword, his dark materials, ingway, ingway/mercedes, itachi/sakura, jackson/lisa, jak 2, jak 3, jak and daxter, jak x, jak/keira, jareth, jareth/sarah, kaname/yuuki, killer/lady, kurando/anastasia, labyrinth, lacuna coil, lady, leon s. kennedy, leon/ashley, manga, mercedes, moulin rouge, naruto, naughty dog, nicolai conrad, nicolai/karin, nip/tuck, odin sphere, oswald/gwendolyn, phillip pullman, precursors, prince of persia, ps3, pyramid head, reading, red eye, resident evil, resident evil 4, sailormoon, sands of time, sesshoumaru, sesshoumaru/sango, shadow hearts, shadow hearts: covenant, shadow hearts: ftnw, shin/kumiko, silent hill, silent hill 2, silent hill 3, silent hill 4, sparda/eva, survival horror, teen titans, the amber spyglass, the golden compass, the subtle knife, the two thrones, titan a.e., torn/ashelin, treasure planet, ubisoft, uncharted: drake's fortune, uruguay, valkyrie profile, valkyrie profile 2: silmeria, vampire knight, vergil, video games, voice acting, warrior within, will/lyra, witch hunter robin, xenosaga, yuri hyuga, yuri lowenthal, yuri/alice, zero/yuuki, zoids, zombies